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CIRP DET 2016 征文通知
2015-11-19 08:34   审核人:
CIRP DET 2016 将在南航举办,本次会议以智能制造为主题,将有来自英国、美国、法国、德国、瑞典、加拿大和新加坡等的10余位CIRP FELLOW参加,组织了十几个具有国际影响的学者、专家的大会主题报告。会议论文全部EI收录,并将组织两个SCI国际期刊的专刊。征文通知见附件,会议简介如下:

The 9thInternational Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology (CIRPDET 2016)

Intelligent Manufacturing in the Knowledge Economy Era

March 29 - 31, 2016, Nanjing, China

Digital Enterprise Technology (DET) is “the collection of systems and methods for the digital modelling, simulation and optimization of the collaborative product development, factory and manufacturing processes planning, along their lifecycle”.

The main aim of DET 2016 is to provide aninternational forum for the exchange of leading edge scientific knowledge and industrial experiences, regarding the development, integration and applications of the various aspects of Digital Enterprise Technologies, in the global manufafturing of the knowledge economy era.

The guiding idea of the conference is to find a common understanding of employing Digital Enterprise Technologies in the factories of the future, moving from automated, to flexible, digital, sustainable, smart and intelligent manufacturing.


The CIRP sponsored DET 2016 conference focuses on the employment of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the modelling, simulation, optimization, control, monitoring, and visualisation of products, factories and manufacturing processes, covering all lifecycle issues across the entire supply chain, starting with product design and development, engineering of factories, machines, equipment and technical processes, commissioning and ramp-up, followed by manufacturing operations, maintenance, factory overhaul and facility management, up to products recycling/re-use, and environmentally friendlydismantling.

Conference website:


All accepted papers will be published inCIRP Procedia(EI). Best papers will be awarded in each of the above-mentioned conference topics by international assessment panels. There are opportunities for selected papers to be published as special issues of the Proceedings of theInstitution of Mechanical Engineers Part B-Journal of Engineering Manufacture (SCI)and theInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (SCI).

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