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  Cooperation Exchange

Sino-British Institute of Mechatronic Product Research and Developmenthas been built up since 2000. It is supported by the University of Strathclyde (British) andNorthwestern Polytechnical University (NPU, P.R. China).The original aims for both universities are to promote and develop academic exchange, research collaboration, the exchange of academic staff, researchers and postgraduate students, and joint supervision of postgraduate research students through the Institute. The Institute includes more than 15 permanent tenure, which include 5 professors and 8 associate professors, and 30 PhD and Master Candidates now.

According to normal confidentiality and intellectual property agreements, the Institute exchange of latest published work, research ideas, research findings, and the sharing of research information and resources, which boost produce more than 100 papers (more than 25 are indexed by SCI and 60 indexed by EI) during cooperation.

More than 20members ofstaff and 10 students are delivered each other from the Institute’s help. The Institute also organizes seminars and conducts of research projects of mutual interest every year.The institute joint two universities to apply for research funding in their own countries (such as NSFC funding) and also to seek joint research funding (such as“Asia-Link Program”)to support research projects of mutual interest and to provide research consultancy in partner countries.

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