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Sino-French Laboratory of Concurrent Engineering

The Laboratory was co-founded in 1999 in cooperation with the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard in France. Based on the equipments and software support from theKey Lab of Contemporary Design and Integrated Manufacturing Technology and the Center for High Performance Computing of NPU, the Laboratory concentrated its research on the high performance optimization algorithms, structural optimization of turbine engine etc. The laboratory gaining a good academic reputation, stable communication and cooperation with the famous universities and experts in the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Belgium are formed. 12 international conference and workshops have been co-organized. The Laboratory also accepted 40 foreign students and more than 100 visiting professors.

The director, Prof ZHANG Weihong is the Changjiang Scholar, Distinguished Young Scholars, President of the School of Science, Vice-Dean of the Center for High Performance Computing, Doctoral Supervisor of NPU. The laboratory consists of 5 professors, 6 associate professors and more than 40 graduated students and PhD students. More than 400 papers have been published and 130 of them were indexed.

International Workshop 2007: Advancements in Design Optimization of Materials, Structures and Mechanical Systems, Xi'an, China 2007 12.17-20

Structural optimization of the final nozzle of the turbine engine

Structural optimization of the stator of the turbine engine

Research Subjects: New Developments of Shape Optimization

Based on the shape optimization theory developed in 1990s, the shape optimization on the curved surface is proposed. One of the key difficulties is the mathematical definition of the surface and the designable boundary curve. By introducing the general coordinate system on the curved surface, the boundary curve is defined accordingly. This idea has been used in the structural optimization of the turbine engine parts.

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