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The Chiang Foundation Industrial Design Training Centre (CFIDTC) of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) is a cross zone and cross department training education organization. It was jointly created by Chiang Industrial Charity Foundation, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and Northwestern Polytechnical University. The tenet of the center is as follows: to take full advantage of the abundant resources of NWPU and other universities in and outside of our country; to strengthen communication and cooperation with universities of foreign countries; to introduce superior courses from advanced countries and lectures by world wide famous professors, so that creative industrial design technicians and managers with high quality would be trained to attain the international level in such a environment which is as good as those of abroad while only staying in interior of our own country.

The Center’s main services are as follows: the director of department, faculty, and other educational administrators, they are all engaged in the industrial design specialty in the civil college; the educational administrators and teachers of all levels and kinds of educational organs; the chief engineer, vice-chief engineer in an enterprise and the director of design office; the enrolled college students and postgraduates and so on. We offer the short- time, medium-term training and education for the undergraduate and postgraduate, also offer the routine training and special subject reports. Some kinds of learning modes such as full time, part time and in spare time modes are adopted for students convenient. The courses are all introduced from Europe, American, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We invite many internationaly famous professors and specialists to teach the courses and the student would be awarded high standard certificate after finished his courses. The courses include product form design, engineering design, art design and computer aided industrial design, etc. All courses are set up with modularization and optimal combined freely.

Under the sponsorship of Chiang Industrial Charity Foundation(CICF) , three training centers were built in HuaZhong University of Science and Technology, Southern Yangtze University, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) on the twentieth of August, 1999. CFIDTC of NWPU has been built to be a high-class training center with excellent training condition and facilities. The Center has held high-level modern design and management train 18 times, introduce 22 expert of industrial design, The Center have 14 overseas visiting professor. the same time , The Center has held general trainings 26 times, the students have reached 2,500 since August 2004. Because the teachers all are most famous specialists of inland and abroad, the trainings are kindly called “abroad training needn’t going abroad”. All trainings are successful and resultful, so The Center has a good reputation and are well-known in the field of design in China.

The Center applies theories of Industrial Design to factories, companies and scientific research institution through having lectures, training and discussing. These theories include aviation, spaceflight, navigate, mechanism, electron, chemistry, project manage and knowledge property. which are widely accepted and welcomed by designers, technicians and managers. We have held different kinds of industrial design trainings 60 times and trained 6000 people. The training makes notable effects and is broadly concerned by society. During the long term and massive trainings, we have accumulated abundant experiences and formed a set of training system step by step.

The Center’s academic communications are keeping going. It has established vast academic collaboration with industrial design units from Europe, United States, Japan and Hong Kong, Taiwan areas. The Center has invited guest professors from Cheng Kung University,National Yunlin University of Science & Technology of Taiwan (NYUST), Tokuo Zokei University, Carnege-Melon University, Iowa University of USA,University of Warrick in UK, Chongqing University, South Yangtzi University, Tsinghua University, etc. In April 1997, the Center successfully held the First National Computer Aided Industrial Design Forum. In October 2000, the Center held the Annual Reference of Industrial Design Academy of China Mechanical Engineering Academy. The Center also held many other academic communication meetings, which greatly promoted the development of domestic industrial design research and work.

CFIDTC are heartly welcoming your attendance and instruction who are interesting in ID with abundant teachers, superior soft and hardware environment, rich training experience, zealous serve. We believe CFIDTC would give china’s ID development pouring new vitality and doing great contributionfor promote china’s economy development.


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