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Northwestern Polytechnical University Selected as One of the Top Five in the "13th iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition"

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Recently, good news came from the micro-nano elf innovation base. On the afternoon of November 17, the 13th "iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National Finals" ended in Nanjing. Northwestern Polytechnical University's team, "Taichi robot, a small obstacle-free glass cleaning robot", won the national special prize and was selected into the top 5 in China.

The 13th iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition China finals in 2019, hosted by the Ministry of Education's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee, the Ministry of Education's Innovative Methods Guidance Sub-Committee, Peking University, the Global Chinese Society for Micronano molecular systems, the iCAN International Alliance, and Communist Youth League Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone Management Committee jointly sponsored.

This year's competition attracted more than 600 colleges and universities across the country to participate, set up 18 sub-regions, more than 3,000 registration teams for the preliminary competition, and more than 10,000 registrations. In the finals, 40 first-prize teams and 80 second-prize teams were selected, and five top 5 Chinese teams were selected to represent China in the 2020 iCAN international competition.

Northwestern Polytechnical University has achieved outstanding results in the iCAN competition over the years, ranking among the top universities in the country. This year, 11 Northwestern Polytechnical University teams stand out from the northwest competition area, ranking first among the universities in the northwestern competition area. In the national competition, Northwestern Polytechnical University is also the only one among all universities in the northwest competition area that has won the top 5 universities in China. At the same time, Northwestern Polytechnic University was awarded the excellent organization unit award by the Chinese Organizing Committee of the international innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

Since the start of the competition, with the strong support and guidance of the Academic Affairs Office of Northwestern Polytechnical University and the School of Mechanical Engineering, and under the organization of the micro nano elf innovation base, teachers and students of all colleges and universities have actively participated in the competition, and a number of projects with high technology content, broad industrial prospects and great social benefits have emerged. The improvement of students' comprehensive quality and innovation ability reflects the remarkable effect of innovation and entrepreneurship education.